Status Update #6 (2 May 2016)

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Greetings community, I'm here to bring you the sixth Donut Team status update.

See you soon with another status update.

- Loren
Good place for a "Chase Mission", it's easy to confuse player, or for "Pursuit Mission", to escape from somebody.
*insert stupid question regarding the map editor*

JK. This oughta be interesting...
The map is looking pretty nice so far, I bet it looks better in that stage than any map Id ever make.
Looking good, so excited for this new update
This looks really promising, I can't wait for the release.
excellent map design however some of it seems empty but of course it's WIP, i'm super excited for this keep up the good work guys.
Cool creation for the new update! Keep it up!
Oooh, abandoned train yard.

(Nitpick from a former locomotive engineer): Look like loaded flatcars, like loaded with a 40' shpping container. Very unusual to find loaded abandoned cars. Oh, by the way, I'd still like to try my hand at creating cars.
That's actually a great point Trainman. I'll have to make some plain old flatbed cars.