Simpsons hit and run not launching

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Hello, I have a problem with SHAR where when I go to launch it the outline of the folder will blink but nothing will open. I have tried using Simpson.exe and Lucas mod launcher but it still happens. Has anybody else had this problem and/or have solved it?
For simpson.exe change the compatibility mode to 98
not sure about the mod launcher though, but don't change the compatibility mod on it. not sure why but the donut team said not to so there must be some valid reason.
That didn't work either. Now it just says Simpsons.exe has stopped working when it hasn't even opened
What operating system does your computer use?
Windows 7 64bit SHAR used to work until recently
Don't use compatibility mode if you're using the mod Launcher in case that's what you're doing now.
DO NOT USE COMPATIBLILITY MODE! Always use the mod launcher to launch the game, even if all your mods are disabled. Compatibility mode is a workaround that sometimes does not fix the issue.

Something to check is to open task manger and see if Simpsons.exe is running in the background. If it is, terminate it.

If your issues continue to persist, reinstall the game.

Edit: Ninja posted by Loren.
Ok I used the launcher and it worked? No idea why considering thats what I did before
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