Why wont saves stick when i enter basic mods?

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if i start up a mod such as 'donut merge' or 'level 4 tweaks' it doesn't carry over my saves from the main game....
Because the map and character changes can corrupt the saves
Well, map mods can't, but Level 4 Map Tweaks is a Main mod anyways meaning it has separate saved games. Donut Marge is not though when in reality it should be because it can cause issues with saved games (not necessarily corrupt them), so that's a mistake on our part.
I find a bit annoying that you have to start a new game for some mods, would have liked to use my completed save with Level 4 Map Tweaks and Minecraft Pack mods. Donut Marge works fine with using a completed save, the only side effect is when you purchase, you will have in stats 4/3 clothes and percentage will be about 104%. Same thing happens with Trick or Treat mod and with 4th July mod.

Speaking of 4th of July, the mod also works with completed save but has a bug where Homer - The Chosen One costume must be purchased again. The other levels have original costumes working fine and I really like the new Patriotic costumes. I only wonder where do you get the American truck? I have looked in level 1 as it says on event page but can't find it. I have tried to talk to Gil but it doesn't work and I looked to see if replaced Rocket Car but it didn't. I also used the All Cars cheat (which requires game completed 100%) and looked at phone booth and still can't find it but maybe because custom cars aren't shown here. I would like to see someday a mod that allows custom vehicles to be chosen from phone booth, that is from using the cheat, not normally because I know that's possible.
@[redacted] I know its not the same but while you were away a newer mod launcher got released with hacks that unlock all of the missions and all unlockables. I have been using this after the seaside update because I get fed up of redoing the missions all of the time due to corrupted save files.
@MACCA Thank you for the suggestion. I read about that when the newer version of Lucas Launcher was released but didn't think of trying it myself. I will try using that hack next time I run these mods.
Anything that modifies the rewards file should not use the same saved games.

Now we did slip up a couple times and accidentally require this when it wasn't necessary like Level 4 Map Tweaks. But we're not changing this in Fourth of July, the Minecraft Pack, or any other mods that modify the rewards file.

As for the mods with incorrect totals as a result of the new stuff, that's just us forgetting to require CustomStatsTotals in those mods and we'll have to fix that.
Alright, now I understand and I will be fine with the change for the mods that change the rewards. I also found strange that Level 4 Map Tweaks required new game because it only modifies the map a bit.

If these mods are going to be updated, I suggest to fix the bugs I reported such as in Trick or Treat mod, if you get in the spaceship beam in other levels than 7, game crashes because there is no respawn point for the player. And in 4th of July, Homer - The Chosen One must be purchased again for some reason when using the completed save game, I know it's not meant to but it's a bug and doesn't happen in other levels or in Donut Marge, only here. It's probably because the costume was defined again.

As for CustomStatsTotals, I remember from long ago when someone posted a picture of stats screen of a completed level in Donut Mod and had more gags found, which resulted in a percentage of more than 100. Does that mean that in latest versions of Donut Mod, the bug has been fixed, so you get 100% normally just like in original game? Because I know Donut Mod features new gags and more wasps, which changes the stats a bit.
I'll be updating a bunch of those smaller mods to have some bugs fixed and to be correctly marked as main or not.

Also it is intentional that you can get more than 100% in Donut Mod.
Really? I didn't know it's an intentional feature, now how will I know that I get everything in a level? To be honest, I don't like that feature because it screws up stats and I would prefer if 100% is the maximum, I think more than 100% would confuse some players and they wouldn't know whether they got everything in a level or not.

As for Trick or Treat mod, have you figured out the bug I reported with the spaceship in levels 1-6? I can post screenshots to help you identify the bug.