Is this mod dead

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I've been inactive for a while and decided to see if anything new happened only to find no new updates for Donut Mod.
Is the update still being developed?
Yes, it's just a very significant update and it's taking a while.
Yeppers. It's still alive and kicking.

Donut Mod has just been in a quiet state for a while because of the new map that we're creating specially for Level 4, the Industrial Zone. At the moment, Loren is the only one we have modeling the map and he wishes to make sure the map is consistent in quality with the ones seen in-game.

Some of the recent Status Updates show off some screenies of this map, if you want to check those out. Until that map is finished, we can't really begin development on it mission-wise, which is why we've been quiet about it. We can't show off everything about the map, as otherwise it'd ruin the surprise a bit.
Hey there, I was also inactive for a while due to being busy with real life (I am still visiting the forum from time to time as a guest, just to quickly check what's going on) and I'm happy to see that there are lots of mods/updates as of lately and that Donut Mod is still being worked on. Now, truth is that I haven't touched any V3 of Donut Mod at all because I've been wanting these years to play the finished version with all the levels because I read somewhere on the forum that the later versions can cause incompatibility with saves from previous version, so I'd rather wait until Donut Mod is fully finished to be able to enjoy it to its fullest and have a nice 100% save game for Donut Mod. But if the mod isn't finished by 2017 or 2018, then I can probably play the mod every time a big update is launched, like the Level 4 update that's coming soon and when Level 5 is released, play that one from scratch and so on. Otherwise I'd get bored if I wait until all levels get released. I am also curious if someone knows how long will take the rest levels to be released, just so I know if it's worth waiting for the last level or not.

Now don't get me wrong, I prefer to wait as much as it's needed for the mod to get worked on carefully and get released in a polished state instead of being worked fast and released in a broken state. I don't mind waiting at all but in my opinion I would like at the very least see the occasional status updates once at a few weeks because for some reason I don't like seeing things go quiet for a month or so, I'd like to know that the mod is still being worked on. I fully understand that everyone is being busy with real life just like I am and I want everyone to take their time but a status update like once per month wouldn't hurt.
Lately, we've had our focus towards other aspects of our organisation and our work. Some of these things are unannounced or things we can't share yet. We agree we need to be transparent occasionally, and we'll try our hardest.

However right now we have nothing to share.
On my end, I've been traveling for a while, back home now though. My other two train crew members (Who were in the wreck with me which ended my - and their - rail career, we've all sort of stuck together ever since) and I took a long road trip out to the Appalachin Mountains. I mentioned to them the train car artwork I was working on, one of them came up with a great idea. Why not just place the cars on a flatbed scanner? Captures everything perfectly with only resizing work needed. So I plan to pursue that soon.