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This is what happens when you want to run Donut Mod on Ubuntu.

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Recently, I was forced to switch from Windows 10 to Ubuntu due to a recent hardware upgrade, and one of the first things I asked myself "can it run Hit and Run"? Before using Windows 10 and 8, I had used a Mac, and in order to run exes, you either had to run a VM (Virtual Machine, an operating system inside an operating system) or use a software called wine. Back then, I used the latter because I had no idea how to set up a VM. Now, knowing how finicky Wine was, and that mods would never work, I got myself a Windows 7 Virtual Machine. It ran perfectly, and then I found...
Hologram Krabby Patty Ubuntu-exclusive DLC confirmed!
(in game, it actually looks really cool)
Does anything else look like that? Hope you didn't pay for that DLC though, I don't think it's legit
The other cars are normal.

I was just kidding about the DLC part, this is a unmodified Donut Mod. This is just a side effect of running it inside a virtual machine.
If only vehicle skins were a thing...
Are you hinting at something :O
> Are you hinting at something :O

No... not at all... But if only... That'd be cool...
[deleted user]
8 yrs ago (Statistics)
That reminds me, the krabby patty car has the worst steering.
krabby patty sucks but i got a laugh how i tried to do a derby with it
In the next update, we made it buffed the stats of the Patty Wagon so that you can use it more often!