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I have a five questions .
1) Why on level 3, as the original car electaurus? Why is not the original game Malibu Stacy car?
2) When will level 4 for donut mod? Mod is insanely good.
3) This question is also about the character level 4, and I want to ask the character level 4 will be a new map? Or, as in the original game will be repeated?
4) This issue will be in the distant future, and I do not mean to bother much, but once you do level 5 so there will be character "Apu" or any of the Simpson family?
5) The last question concerns the mode of The Late in kwik mart or so. When will?
Excuse my English using Google Translate
1) The Electaurus is also Lisa's car so we gave her that instead to change things up.
2/3) The character of Level 4 is still Marge however the map is entirely new and created by mostly me with inputs from the other team members. This is why the Level 4 is taking quite a while.
4) Apu will not be playable in Donut Mod, the last 3 levels will feature new playable characters.
5) I'm sorry, I don't really understand this question. Are you asking when it will be released? If so, there's no date in mind yet.