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Hello, community. This is another mod from me and my team
This modification is my first custom mission mod, and, currently, my best created mod ever.
Now, the mod has been revisited, most of the bugs were fixed and it's a little bit better to play. L4 isn't available yet, since we're still missing some tools, but, don't worry, it will be available at some point!
Modification is somewhat a sequel to original SHaR.
Homer's Adventure pre 2.0:
The One and Only Link:Click

The Buzz Team:

GordonCMB — Original idea, scenarist, scriptwriter
A$$ Fairy — Art Designer
Filipfff — Beta Tester, Vehicle Designer, Art Designer
Dark Blu Inking — Art Designer

Thanks to:
Colou for arts and vehicles
MorganVain for vehicles and costumes

Thanks for playing this mod! (if you played it, of course :D)

Click here, to view mod walktrought

Beta 1.0 trailer (made by Stolpinski):

Beta 4.4 trailer (made by Colou):

Thank you all for 200 downloads!
[deleted user]
6 yrs ago (Statistics)
This is fun, yo.

The missions are fun to play through and fit the Simpsons theme well. I found M1 pretty funny.

The only problems I have with it so far are that M0 is too long (the Duff Truck chase) in my opinion, and M1 is very difficult compared to M0 (getting the items out of the truck in time is hard and getting back to the plant in time is even harder depending how long it takes to get the items out.) Besides these problems though, this mod looks promising, and I'm excited to play future developments on it! Cheers.
[deleted user]
6 yrs ago (Statistics)
Thanks you for "review", I working really hard on scripts to make plot interesting.
I'll later try to cut M0 mission's chase, and add more time to timers in M1.
[deleted user]
6 yrs ago (Statistics)
Beta 2.0 is released.
1. Created mission 2 — 4
2. Repainted Cola Truck
3. Repainted coins
4. Repainted Krusty Glass
5. Added bonus mission's scrip (sorry, for non-starting bonus mission, I can't find problem right now, but don't worry, I'll fix the error)
Hope you enjoy!
[deleted user]
6 yrs ago (Statistics)
Beta 3.0 is released.
1. Created mission 5 — 7
2. Repainted Chase Sedan
3. Some New HUD Icons
I hope you enjoy my mod!
Nice mod, nice to see you still working on it. Just a few problems I had it seemed most of the missions was drive here, then drive here, on one of the missions you have to follow a van to the power plant then drive home, then the next mission you have to drive to the power plant again. I would say mix it up abit and try to make the most of the map, I dunno maybe homer could collect something off the top of the gold-ish bridge. I think the garbage truck needs editing, when going to hit it I would sometime go underneath and also the rubber-banding need tweeking (if you can tweek it). Im currently on the mission where I have to pick the kids up from school and I'm stuggleing to finish it, the driving from place to place is wearing thin and I keep running out of time on the way home so maybe add some more time maybe, ill post again when I complete it.

Apart from all that and I still think you've done a good job and look forward to seeing what else you add. :D
[deleted user]
6 yrs ago (Statistics)
Thanks for the review!
Since current version is still beta, a lot of things might change, including timers, .con files and a lot of another stuff.
I dunno maybe homer could collect something off the top of the gold-ish bridge
It's already in the game. Mission 5, "Clown Party", when you need to collect Krusty's...Ahm..."Stuff". One of the folders located at the top of the bridge.
I think the garbage truck needs editing
I'll see, what can I do in the .con file
I keep running out of time on the way home so maybe add some more time
I'll raise timers in this, and another missions (Especially, in M6)
[deleted user]
6 yrs ago (Statistics)
Released a small fixing update. Raised some timers (Especially, in M6) and edited "some" .con files.
Alright sounds good, ill download it.
[deleted user]
6 yrs ago (Statistics)
Update 4.0 is released.
Bart changed to Homer
Honor Roller changed to Homer (car)
Missions 1 — 3 created

Have fun with Homer in Downtown!
(A small warning: Do not buy new costumes, this will crash the game (Will be fixed later))