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Road Rage Returns: Springfield Dam Update (1.2) - Bugs and Support

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We've recently released a major update to Road Rage Returns. This thread is the official support and bug report thread.

Please avoid spoilers in this thread.

Follow the template below for reporting a bug.

Reporting a Bug
- Mod Launcher Version: 1.16.1
- Mod Version: 1.2
- Using Road Rage Returns Music Pack: No
- Error or Crash: Bart falls over if you run him over in Level 1 Mission 0
- Game Version: Best Sellers
- Mod Launcher Version: 1.16.2
- Mod Version: 1.2
- Using Road Rage Returns Music Pack: Yes
- Error or Crash: Phonebooth does not work in any level and also, Level 1-Mission 2 (starts at Kwik-E-Mart) & Level 2-Mission 3 (starts at Googolplex Theater) crashes at start of mission.
- Game Version: EU (?)
Thanks Victorio. The phonebooths were fixed in yesterday and I just identified the issue for the 2 missions and we'll be pushing another fix soon.

EDIT: A patch ( is now live to correct those issues.