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[Archived] Donut Mod 4: General Information

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Donut Mod 4 is the fourth major iteration of the mod. It's core goal is to provide a fresh and authentic Simpsons experience with a compelling gameplay experience and a new narrative (with ideas derived from the original) for long time fans and newcomers alike to enjoy.

Donut Mod 4's content will initially span the first 4 levels of the game, here's what you can expect when it releases:

  • The Brand New Industrial Zone Map in Level 4.
  • 29 Story Missions.
    • Levels 1-3 will feature several of the same missions from Donut Mod 3 with varying degrees of improvements and also some entirely new missions to replace the less interesting ones.
    • Level 4 will feature all new, never before seen missions in the new Industrial Zone map.
  • 4 Side Missions.
  • 12 Challenge Missions.
    • Some less creative challenges from Donut Mod 3 will be replaced with new challenges.
  • 2 Difficulties: Normal and Hellfish. Experience the story how you prefer.
  • 28 Collector Cards.
    • All new card design.
    • All new card content.
  • All New Character Outfits.
  • 28+ Cars. Some new, some updated and some returning from the original game.
  • 120 Wasp Cameras.
    • All new hiding spots.
    • 30 per level.
  • A High Definition Frontend.
  • New Music Tracks.


More information soon.

Side Content

Each level of Donut Mod 4 will feature 1 Side Mission and 3 Challenge Missions (replacing street races).

Side missions offer a small side story or activity related to a specific character.

Challenge missions offer a wide variety of mission objectives.

Completing the side mission and challenge missions will reward you 2 of the levels cars, as they would in the original game.


Donut Mod 4 will feature the same two difficulties as the last two major versions:
  • Normal Mode: A difficulty that tries to mimic the difficulty curve of the original game (starting off easy and ramping up as the game goes on).
  • Hellfish Mode: A difficulty that challenges you right from the beginning, putting your skills to the test all the way through.

Both difficulties will feature the same key plot points you will get the full story regardless of what difficulty you choose.

Additional information on difficulties will be added soon.

Collector Cards

More Information soon.

Characters & Outfits

This version of the mod is introducing some new (to Hit & Run and in general) characters and a number of new outfits for the player characters to wear around town. Here's some of the ones you can expect to see.

The mod also utilizes characters from the Additional Characters Framework.


This version is introducing several new vehicles for both rewards and mission cars.


Community Billboard Submissions

Want to contribute something to the project and have your work featured? Check out the Community Billboard Submission thread.

Project Donut

While Donut Mod 4 is being developed, you can go ahead and revisit the project's humble beginnings by downloading the open source version of Donut Mod 1, also known as Project Donut.

See the General Information thread for more details.

Donut Mod 3

While you wait for Donut Mod 4, you can try out the current release Donut Mod 3. This release features the first 3 levels of the mod.

See the Downloads page to get the mod.

Tales of Springfield

We recently published an unedited and unfiltered concept document for the cancelled Project Donut sequel.

Check it out here.

Thread Updates

April 29th, 2018: Reorganized and updated some information. Also added renders of the new Family Sedan and the WiFi on Wheels Van.
March 29th, 2018: Added a link to the Tales of Springfield thread.
Hey everyone, I updated the thread with some new renders of the mod's new Roofed Family sedan and the WiFi Van seen in the recent status update. I also just re-organized the information a bit and added to it.

I hope to keep this thread updated more often with new information and content to showcase.
Will all of your save data from 3.2.3 transfer to here?
No, save files from older versions are not supported due to a number of things being changed.
Nice, loving the more game-faithful family sedan.

Will it keep the original interior decor (Duff can/eski)
If you mean the stuff in the trunk, yes!
this is going to be worth the wait
Looks awesome. Looking forward to making a video on it when it comes out!
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