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Tales of Springfield: Original Concept Document (Cancelled Mod)

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Hey there everyone, we're here today to publish something of significance from our archives.

The document showcased here is the original concept for a sequel to Project Donut (which you all now know as Donut Mod). This mod would explore 7 unique side stories after the events of Project Donut and was planned back in 2013-2014 before we'd even gotten past the first level of Donut Mod (we got a bit ahead of ourselves, we know). However, we shelved it and eventually cancelled this project.

Since then, we've had a number of updates to Donut Mod and released our other significant project, Road Rage Returns, which actually explores some of the same concepts (referring largely to playing as characters often relegated to side roles in the show).

Now that we're coming up on our most major release yet, Donut Mod 4, we decided it would be a good time to lift the veil on this project and reveal what we had planned for it. Here are some important things to keep in mind though:

  • This document is for archival purposes and is not an indicator that we intend to revisit this concept.
  • We do not have any of the actual files for this mod archived. As a result, we are not able to release anything that was made for it.
  • As you might notice, many of the levels have incomplete mission plans or none at all. This is because we never fulled mapped out the story lines for this project.

One more note before we dive in, if you or a team of people happen to make anything from these plans, we'd love to see it!

With that said, here is the original concept document for Project Donut 2: Tales of Springfield, unedited and unfiltered:

Project Donut 2: Tales of Springfield

An Epic Sequel to the Classic. Featuring 7 smaller storylines relating to some of your favorite side characters.

Episode 1 - (Level 3, Comic Book Guy): Comical Crime

Default Car: Kremlin
Player: Comic Book Guy
Story Plot: Comic Book Guy’s I&S comic goes missing after he returns from a trip to the comic store, much to the horror of the Comic Book Guy. Upon investigating outside his store, he sees Snake. Knowing his criminal record, he comes to the conclusion that it’s Snake who’s stolen his comic and vandalized(?) his shop. The Comic Book Guy decides to follow him and collect evidence to prove that he’s the one behind it.

Mission 1: Deja Vu, Dude!
Race the nerds to the comic book store for the limited edition of the latest issue of Radioactive Man! Make it back to the store before the comic deteriorates, and avoid Bart who is trying to get the comic from you!

Mission 2:Mystery Mayhem
Follow the strange trial of items to find out who’s behind the robbery.

Mission 3: Hiss-y Fit
The player must follow Snake to figure out where he’s hiding.
Additionally, the player must collect items that appear to belong to the Comic Book Guy to use as evidence against him (later turns out that these aren’t his items, but items he stole from “other nerds”).

Mission 4: D’oh-nuts
The player has to follow Chief Wiggum around and collect the donuts he drops(?)
Follow Wiggum to ask him to help you out, along with a confusing AI pattern similar to the new Flowers By Iren e.

Mission 5: Mafia Mayhem
Protect Cheif Wiggum from an angry mafia!

Mission 6: Some Guy and a Snake
The final battle (or so you think), find Snake again and dispose of his car, and find your comic!

Mission 7 - Vox Nerd-duely
The Nerd steals CBG’s I&S comic book.
CBG must take out the nerd before time runs out.

Episode 2 - (Level 4, Professor Frink): Future-Drama/Ghost of a Chance

Default Car: The Flying Frink (Hovercar 3.0)/Scrapheap 2.0 (Damaged Hovercar 2.0)
Player: Frink
Story Plot: As it turns out, both Snake and Frink were able to escape the Aliens, but now Frink has a problem - everybody believes he’s dead and a ghost sent by the aliens. Frink must prove his true existence by creating the Truckasaurus 2.0. What could go wrong?

Mission 1: The Blender Bender
Realizing that the Truckasaurus used a rather old blender model, Frink decides to search around town for a new blender based off of reports from other citizens(?). Go around town asking the citizens of Springfield where to find a new blender, and don’t let time run out!

Mission 2: Special Delivery
Help Jasper/Hans Moleman deliver the newest batch of Bonestorm Storm games to find out where to get a WW2 radio! Avoid Marge and Bart, who are trying to get copies of the games!

Mission 3: Jinxed Jasper
It turns out that Jasper has the radio Frink is looking for, so Frink decides to ask Jasper for it. Jasper claims though that he’ll give the radio to him if Frink can help him out with a problem he’s having. Apu wants Jasper to be Frosticus again because profits are low, though Jasper doesn’t want anything to do with it and has been trying to find a place to hide. Help Jasper by finding a good place for him to hide away from Apu, and avoid Apu.

Mission 4: Radio Repair
Much to Frink’s surprise, the radio Jasper has given him is broken. Frink must find a way to repair the radio before he can use it for his new Truckasaurus. Thankfully, Dr. Hibbert has some spare parts he can use that are lying around the hospital that he can use to repair the radio. He promises to give these parts to Frink if he proves he is indeed real by helping him find an old man who recently had a heart attack (Hans Moleman), and delivering him back to the hospital without damaging the ambulance to much to keep Moleman safe. Find Moleman, and bring him back to the hospital without damaging the ambulance too much.

Episode 3 - (Level 5, Cletus): Kentucky Fried Cletus

Default Car: Cletus’ Pickup Truck
Player: Cletus
Story Plot: Cletus, in desperate need of money for new “Sleeping-on Boards”, realizes he needs to step back into the fast food business - which wouldn’t be an issue if Apu wasn’t around! Cletus must overcome the odds of Apu having a much better car in order to compete with Apu’s rotten meat. But how will this inbred hillbilly do it?

Mission 1: The Better Beef
Collect all the roadkill around town - Return to the Krusty Burger - Avoid Apu (So the same mission as in the game already...? -Jake) (Dunno, just something that reminds the player about Apu’s rivalry with Cletus in this game and why delivering to the Krusty Burger isn’t the easiest option for Cletus, but sadly the only one he has. - Kenny)

Episode 4: - (Level 2(?) with a sunset theme, Milhouse) - Dressed for (possible) Success.

Default Car: Create one for Milhouse since he lacks one (The Thrillhouse).
Story Plot: Milhouse’s story begins with him trying to get a date with Lisa, so he decides to try to convince her into going on a date with him. After finding what he needs, Lisa mysteriously disappears. It later turns out that Lisa has been kidnapped by the mafia, and is being held for a large ransom since Homer is her father, and he’s become fairly powerful and rich since the events of Donut (Hit and Run).

Episode 5: (Level 6, Cheif Wiggum): Wiggum Time!

Default Car: Police Car:
Story Plot: It turns out that nobody has really bothered to tell the rest of Springfield about the cola, because it’s still on shelves. The problem is that the cola is pretty addicting, and has lead to some people becoming crazy after drinking a six pack of the stuff and are on a rampage. It’s up to Wiggum to find the source of this violence, and put an end to it.
Concept: Because Wiggum is a cop, it’s impossible for the player to receive a Hit and Run in his level. However, to balance the difficulty, every single one of Wiggum’s missions are extremely brutal in timed tasks, forcing the player to take shortcuts whenever possible, and cutting corners often. (Great concept - Jake)

Episode 6: (Level 2, Nelson) - A Load Of Bullies

Default Car:
Story Plot: As it turns out, Bart got all the fireworks from everyone. You and your hooligans now need to collect fireworks from Bart to have some fun with the police.

Mission 1 - Snatch a storm
In order to get the fireworks from bart, you need to get another bonestorm game. Hopefully it’s back on the shelves...but what if it isn’t? You have to get something from Moe to trade with the mafia and they’ll get you the game.
Mission 2 - Mafianoid
Nelson becomes paranoid from working with the mafia. He knows they could come after him at any moment. It’s your job to get away and destroy multiple mafia members. Though what happens when the police get involved?
Mission 3 - Fat and Furious Jr.
Race Bart, Milhouse, and Jimbo to the DMV area to collect fireworks from Bart. Once you beat them, Bart becomes enraged and you must destroy him to get the fireworks.
Mission 4 - Herman’s Hunt
Talk to Grandpa and ask him if he knows where to get any fireworks (knowing he’s a war vet). He tells you about the shipment for Herman that is on the way. You must take out this truck collecting (at least) 10 fireworks. After collecting the fireworks, get away from truck.
Mission 5 - Jailed and the Works.
Chief Wiggum knows about how you’ve been taking out cars, stealing from other people to get illegal fireworks. You must collect evidence and stay away from Wiggum.
Mission 6 - Lying Low
You must help all of your friends lie low. They’re stuck in one area until nightfall and are getting hungry. Cletus might have some meat they can mow their mouths on. Collect food and avoid being caught by the cops and Apu.
Mission 7 - I Barted You Out
Bart and his friends (Milhouse and Ralph) rat you and your friends location out. You need to bring your friends to a safe location, ditch the fireworks, take out Bart and his friends, and run from the police.

Episode 7: (Level 3, Krusty The Clown) - Unfunny Clown

Default Car: Krusty’s Limo
Story Plot: It turns out that endorsing cola made by an evil alien race (or at least two evil aliens) ISN’T the best thing to endorse here on Planet Earth. Everybody is enraged at Krusty for the soda, along with the laser guns, all of which he was forced to come clean about. Krusty must now rebuild his image by....I dunno. Destroying any remaining lasers/cola?

Mission 1 - Hey Hey Kids!
Krusty goes to Krusty studios only to find out that they will not allow him to go on television saying not to drink the soda. Krusty must take to the streets and tell soda drinkers to stop. Though someone is trying to stop him, could it be aliens that were left behind? Krusty must get away from the cars and destroy one or two of them.
Mission 2 - Krusty Gets Canceled
After public outrage, the studio has no choice left but to fire Krusty. It’s your job to find out who has started these petitions to remove Krusty from the studio. Talk to more of Springfield but avoid the black sedans. It appears the Aliens haven’t left and are only getting started.
Mission 3 - Really Public Broadcasting
Krusty must visit the Krusty Burger (near the Android’s Dungeon) which are now changing to be a Disco Stu Burger joint. He must convince the Squeeky Voiced Kid to remove all Cola products from the store. On one condition, he goes and does some errands for him quickly. Krusty must also avoid the aliens and figure out why they’re targeting him. Does he know something or did he do something?
Mission 4 - Becoming Krusty
Krusty receives a phone call in which he finds out his father has died from being hit by an unknown black sedan. He must go find this black sedan and destroy it. But he didn’t realize there was going to be 4 of them chasing him. Once they get to a certain position, we start a cut scene. The cut scene has an alien say “EARTHLING, YOUR STUDIO HAS INFORMED US THAT YOU’RE TRYING TO PREVENT US FROM CONTINUING OUR SCHEDULED UNIVERSAL PERFORMANCE. CONTINUED ATTEMPTS WILL PROMPT US TO TERMINATE YOU. YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT WE CAN TAKE OUT ANYONE WE WANT” [/end] You get back in your car and have to get away from the aliens. The mission ends.
Mission 5 - Nerds Predict
After such an intense mission, you must now go talk to Comic Book guy and see if he has any knowledge on how to destroy these things. He will tell his experience with aliens and what he thinks will happen next. “They will rain upon anyone who has information about them and their plans.”
It’s your job to collect the information and clues that the aliens are trying to find. Then bring them back to Comic Book Guy. Don’t let the alien cars catch you.
Mission 6 - Frinkenstein
Bring the information to Frink. He will be able to decipher who they’re after and what they want. It turns out Frink is missing though, could the aliens have gotten to him? Talk to the locals (Nelson, Milhouse, Homer, Marge, Wiggum) to find clues of where he has gone. Then, out of the blue a black sedan shows up and you must follow it but stay behind so it doesn’t see you. It brings you to the location of where Frink is being held hostage for the information. You then have a car fight with 4 black sedans, all harassing you at the same time :D
Mission 7 - High Ratings (This is a dummy mission, nothing in it will probably happen unless you guys really like it)
With Frink back and now able to decipher the information, the aliens are officially wrecking havoc. You must save some of the cast from being attacked by aliens and get them together for a big meeting (cutscene time, ambitious project mode activated). One of them will say where the mothership has landed, the Springfield Dam. Homer will step forward and say “We can always use some propa--I mean some waste to take care of them again”. Then someone else steps forward and says that won’t work, and they’re idea is to overflow the alien ship with all of the springfield’s stuff. Collect 100 items across springfield then put it into the ship. Then there’s still more…? lol BACK TO WORK ON DONUT 1
I seriously don’t know for this mission.
Also as a bonus, MultiFan managed to uncover an archived YouTube thumbnail which contains an image of the mod's main menu scene.

The main menu featured comic book guy in our rendition of his apartment as he was the planned player character for Level 1. It was never quite finished as you can tell from the race track still being there and other problems with the scene.

As stated in the thread above, we do not have this or anything else for the project archived.
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6 yrs ago (Statistics)
Hi Jake Andreøli, My name is Stringmaster7, and I was wanting to know if its ok if I write the script for this mod. I think that it has the potential to become a second Game from the Hit and Run series. I saw the video of the preview on the fourth mission of Donut mod 4. It has a great twist from what I saw, excellent background, excellent playtime, and non-the-less .Superior gameplay. But, it was just a preview, just like it said on the video. If you would like to see what I have written out, I have all on a notebook sheets. Ill take a picture of them for you. I hope itll be ok if i used some of your material to use for the mod. The material you have for the game is Great, although like you said, It's from Radical Entertainment anyway, so, on that preference. I would like to see how it all starts to unfold after i get the manuscript out, because I do not have the appropriate equipment to start the process yet. Once I have acquired funds to get the needs, I'll start right away on it.
First of all, Please don't bump old threads and second, this mod is cancelled