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Using Lucas' simpsons tools for other radical games - p3ed modding

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i wonder if someone was trying to use Lucas' tools (mainly Pure3D editor) for other radical games for ex Prototype or Scarface.
I am highly interested in modding Scarface (mostly by update textures and meshes) but that wasnt possible until i found this great page. Could anyone of you can look at few scarface p3d files in order to check if this files are compatible with your tools?
Sample file 1
Sample file 2
This files are charterers extracted from some scarface mod which allow playable character switch.
I opened both the p3d files in Lucas' Pure3D editor and yes it appears to work just it does with Hit & Run. Here you can see I replaced his texture with the first image I could find on my desktop: Mr Nebbercracker from Monster House.
thanks for fast answer - looks really promising :) Now the another part - updating models in game files - how to do this? I know that there is mod manager for simpsons but i doubt if it will work with scarface so i have 2 options - use uncompresed rcf by unpacking it all and deleting compressed file or go into developing own tool (not simple). Could anyone share ther knowledge about mod manager structure, file connections etc?
If I'm understanding correctly, you're needing to compress some files into an RCF? If so, you'll want to have a look at this tool.
simply awesome girls and guys! your work and tools are just outstanding, i can not believe that i found this site earlier. do you know if someone was trying to use this tools for for ex. prototype or scarface before? but its seems to work (i have not yet tested in game unfortunatelly because of using my work pc right now) but sometimes lines are yellow
The yellow lines aren't a problem, I believe it has something to do with the way the chunks are laid out. The red chunks are what you have to look out for.
thanks :) everything seems to work ok until now :) I have also another question but i probably know answer - normalmapping or other mapping different than environmental are impossible?
I want to mod scarface, i was looking for the scripts but no success.
Are you still modding this game?
Unfortunately, the user whom you were speaking to has been inactive for a while, having last visited this site while logged in eight months ago, around the creation of this thread. Of course, he could come back, but for now, it doesn't seem likely that he will answer.
This is an old thread but I was still curious if any one has been able to export the PROTOTYPE 1 animations into P3Dxml.