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Hi everyone! I made the suit of Mr Plow with Blender and BlenderXMLAddon. I also re-textured the first level with the Pure3D Editor and Photoshop (grass, pavements, roofs, trees, pine-trees, mountains...)

Here you will find some screenshots:


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I hope you enjoy it!
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Nice work!
Nice work!

Definitely not a stolen line from someone else who posted on this forum
yeah man this is great, but this snow have bad color (yellow i think), but no problems man. nice work.
This is a cool in-season mod. Nice work!

I re-tagged this thread as Mod Release since it's released.
Were you planning on re-texturing the other levels?
Could you make it decompilable or send me the Mr Plow p3d ? I love it and would like to add it to my game, i only want permanent mods as i mod the gamecube version and try to make the ultimate console version, with more costumes and more simpsons characters
You do realise you could go into your files and just look out the P3D right and also, there is no Launcher for the gamecube unless you were to make your own using homebrew... modifying any files is modifying the actual game & not a temporary copy...
I Don't really understand your answer, i just need the Mr Plow P3D he made, i know how to mod the game for gamecube, don't worry about it, i already imported Sideshow Bob a few years ago (i put his skin over that one unused halloween kid, it's perfect). I have a code to cycle through and play with every characters in the game. I know that changing any of my files is changing the game for good

I dont need a launcher for gamecube, all i need to do is decompile pc mods i like (mostly skins) with lucas mod laucher and replace files in my gamecube iso
He never made the P3d it's in the files...