29 August 2015 - Website Update

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Update 3.0
- Removed profile banners.
- Removed labels temporarily.
- Removed the forum side bar.
- Removed the top topics page.
- Removed the post editor, replaced with a normal text bank.
- Removed internal functions that relate to displaying topics on a board.
- Removed the board link when viewing the topics on a board.
- Removed the prettyish link on the about page as it is useless and links to a broken page.
- Removed the "Brand Assets" page. Please see the "Contact Us" page for information on obtaining brand assets if necessary.
- Fixed an issue where the footer would display incorrectly on smaller resolutions.
- Fixed an issue where posts created in admin boards were visible under the recent topics for everyone.
- Fixed an issue where topics needed to have the content loaded after page start.
- Fixed an issue where the members page needed to have the content loaded after page start.
- Added the forum top bar navigation
- Added "important" topics. These will replace the sticky topics shown at the top of recent. Sticky topics will now only apply to boards you visit.
- Added in the ability to view someone's username by hovering over their avatar.
- Added the admin panel for moderators/admins.
- Added the ability to short-link your profile.
- Added the cookie policy banner. Sorry everyone.
- Added support for donut.team
- Added maintenance settings
- Added revision support. It will need to be patched a bit, but the basic framework is there.
- Updated the overall website design.
- Updated the "Contact Us" page.
- Updated the "Privacy Policy" page.
- Updated the site's backend framework.