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Donut Mod Public Beta: Issues

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A very quick summary of issues/confusions I noticed (both minor and major). I really appreciate any suggestions of solving these problems in questions.
May be updated after time...

  • I'm having major performance problems. Huge fps drops and constant lag. Any suggestion of solution? Can I do anything on my computer to make it better? (Need to see if the problem is only tied to the mod or the whole game, but it's midnight so I can't do that now...)
    Edit: The mod isn't the source of the problem. It's the mod launcher!


  • Overall a good mod but with mixed feelings. It doesn't feel awesome at first but after a while it gets better. I actually don't know what to say... I'm not just feeling anything. Maybe the hellfish mode (?) will change my attitude.
    But one thing crosses my mind... the length of the missions. They feel short but... There's a contradiction... They feel shorter than (if you compare with) the earlier versions of the Donut mod, but not in comparison to the original game. And so now I am struggling with deciding if that is a bad thing or a good thing... I dunno.
  • I also saw the credits. An huge applause to the few moders that made Donut mod 4. The effort made by these people is amazing. But there is one question I would like to have an answer to. The distribution of all tasks, are they optimal? A large amount of the tasks, seemed to have been made by the same person by themselves, with reference to the credits. I may not see the full picture of this problem.

And as always, awesome work team!

PS. To the moderators/staff. Been trying to contact Donut team via Mail but has not worked. I have a proposal that I would like to hand over to the head of Donut Team. Could be of interest if it works. But I'm not sharing the information with the community due to private circumstances.