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Donut mod 4-card locations

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Hi and welcome to something new im going to start where basically i will help everyone out by finding the card locations and posting them here so it is easily for yous to go and find them and to start this off im going to do properly the most well known mod which as you know from the title is Donut mod 4 but anyway lets get started

Card 1-Treehouse of horror VII
This card can be found at the back of burns mansion and can be easily missed but there is something else there what might give you a laugh

Card 2-The wizard of evergreen
This card can be found on top of the school roof and is hard to get as it involves you jumping over ledges and when you get to the other side there is also a air vent which can make you fall off the roof

Card 3-Homers night out
This card can be found on top of the evergreen terrace sign and is the most easy one to find i would say

Card 4-Homer badman
This card can be found at the pink house which sits facing burns mansion and is very easily missed if driver passed

Card 5-Homer the smithers
This card can be found on top of the giant toilet and the way to get to the card is by going though nelsons front garden

Card 6-King of the hill
This card can be found on a new path just outside the power plant and is very easy to miss and is also in a cool place

Card 7-Lisa's date with density
This card can be found on top of the broken down truck beside the krusty burger and the best way to get to it in my option is by jumping on top of the truck then jumping into the card

I hope this has helped you find the 7 cards in this level and pls let me know what mod to cover next dpwm below and in till then time goodbye

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Nice guide, although it is useless to me as I have already found all the Collector Cards. Also, I would question what you're talking about when you stated something about something else being back in the area where Card #1 is, but I'll say this instead:

what im meaning is that you can find something else at burns mansion
I know, and my previous post hints at it.
oh alright did not see that sorry