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The Simpsons: Hit & Run - PlayStation 2 Demo

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While you may be aware of the PC demo of The Simpsons: Hit & Run, you may not be aware of the PlayStation 2 demo. This post will provide you will all of the information you could possibly want about this demo. Should you want to ask a question, feel free to do so.

The demo was included in Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo Disc #41, which came free with said magazine. While the PC demo allowed players a rather large amount of content to test out, this demo is quite the contrary, restricting the player to less than half of the Level 1 map, the first two missions, and the first Wager Race, which has been altered to accommodate the map changes. The demo disc's main menu refers to the game as "THE SIMPSONS", and the cover art includes art of Homer Simpson (specifically using a version of him more akin to his The Simpsons: Hit & Run counterpart, with a speech bubble that reads "Mmm, playable demos!":

This video shows off a full playthrough, as well as most of the differences:

A list of differences to the final game.

  • There are no cutscenes when starting, or a Main Menu. Level 1 begins to load immediately after the Licence screen.
  • In the Pause Menu, the Mission Select and Save Game options are permanently disabled.
  • The player is restricted to the first two Missions, The Cola Caper, and S-M-R-T, as well as the Wager Race.
  • Only less than half of the map is accessible. There are respawn triggers placed just after the road turn by the Wiggum family's house and by the bridge by Springfield Elementary School. These respawn the player as normal, before displaying a notice reading "Area not available in demo.".
  • Both of the accessible Doorbell Gags (at Lard Lad's Donuts and the Springfield Elementary School) do not respond with voice clips when interacted with. Homer also uses his interact dialog when interacting with them.
  • Costume purchase is not available. Interacting with a Costume Shop will display the notice "Skin purchase not available in demo.".
  • In order to accommodate for the shortened map, the Wager Race is altered. It now starts by the Grocery Store and ends at the Wiggum family's house. The player is given 1:00 to drive this distance.
  • Exiting the game via the Pause Menu or completing S-M-R-T will display a black screen that reads "THE SIMPSONS HIT AND RUN", and then the demo ends.
  • Interacting with a Phone Booth displays the notice "Car switching unavailable in demo.".

You can download the demo disc here. There are options to either download it as a ISO Image, or in a Torrent file. To run it, you will need a PlayStation 2 emulator, or you will need to burn the ISO onto a disc for usage with a soft-modded PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3.
Have you decided to look into the files and try to find anything interesting?
I briefly looked over them, but I do not recall finding much of interest. I will go do that again, actually. What I did find though, last time I checked, was a text document titled "COMMAND" in the root folder for the demo. Inside of this text document was this text:
skipfe skipmemcheck l1 m0
This probably relates to an internal memory check related to Level 1 Mission 0, and could be connected to the unavailability of being able to save the game, and/or the constantly unavailable "Mission Select" option in the Pause Menu.
I'm gonna try to look into it myself as well