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Lucas Launcher for Linux!!!

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I know that the majority of ye probably use windows, i was wondering is there a version of the launcher for linux (UBUNTU) i've seen a thread for one but its only for Arch and the launcher doesnt work in WINE.
We don't build for Linux, however @thekoopakingdom has made several contributions towards making it available on Linux. Maybe he'll be able to help you.
Here's some background I gave on Discord the other day if you're curious as to where there isn't a guide available at the moment:

"Initially, I made a guide for running SHAR with Wine, which is what @Max was looking for. To make things work better, I took the steps and automated them into a package for the Arch Linux distribution, but nobody ended up packaging my scripts for other distros so it's kind of in limbo right now.

What you can do now is either use Lutris for an automated setup that works on all distros (but hasn't been thoroughly tested) or use the abridged set of instructions here."

For distributions for which my scripts are not packaged, to use the mod launcher you can either use Lutris, or do it manually:

First, in a terminal, you have to setup a new 32-bit Wine prefix for SHAR:
export WINEARCH='win32'
export WINEPREFIX="$HOME/.local/share/wineprefixes/lucas-simpsons-hit-and-run-mod-launcher"
After that, in the same terminal session, install the .NET 3.5 runtime:
winetricks dotnet35
Then, you should be able to run the mod launcher in that session like so:
wine launcher.exe
where you replace the path with the path to your launcher.
And then in future sessions with:
WINEPREFIX="$HOME/.local/share/wineprefixes/lucas-simpsons-hit-and-run-mod-launcher" wine launcher.exe

(Since the Wine prefix path has to be set.)
There are ways to make things cleaner (e.g. desktop icons), but those are the basics.
Thanks for the response guys :)