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Futurama: Hit & Run

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Are You guys still looking for Voice actors?
Hey I have an extensive knowledge of the show and own the dvd box set of the whole series of you still need someone to help get sound clips.
This is really freaking cool, i can take this as a GTA2 but in Simpsons Hit & Run
You could use some inspiration of the PS2 game of Futurama, maybe use some of the characters that appear there, I thought about little funny details like purchasing skins/clothes with the little green alien on the characters heads (u know that little green alien that sucked their brains), maybe some easter egg like the preserved body of fry's dead dog hide somewhere, some TV you could turn on with an action button and see the psychodelic frog (the one that hypnotyze)

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I forgot about the Su1cid3 cabins! Would be funny you can turn in and ""die "" reappearing instantly like when you pulsed select in Simpsons Hit and Run
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I love everything about this, How can I contribute to the project? I can stream/voice act & anything around that.
Hi there! Hope I'm in the right spot. I have been following the mods in here for years! You guys bring happiness and joy to thousands who still hold this game dear! My fb group loves when I showcase any Hit & Run mods from you guys! I'm only posting because I see you all are inquiring some help. I am REALLY good with voices. I can do scripting for you as well, but the voices, I can offer my services!
so this looks amazing. Any idea how long until ppl can play it or how long till a public beta?
I can't wait for this of the only few things I'm looking forward to it
This looks amazing! I remember my brother sent me a link to the video a months back, and I thought it looked so cool!