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Level 8 - The Next Day (Cancelled)

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Hi, I'm Danny, former creator of Danny's Beta Restoration. Now that project is concluded and I started working on this mod: Level 8 - A new beginning. This is a one-level mod with a completely renewed level, with custom missions and custom cars as well.

This mod is not a heavy modification like Donut Mod or other total conversion mods; it is just as Radical would have made it. Featuring 8 new missions, and new locations for the street races, as well as new cars to buy and earn as rewards.

Spoiler: Rewards

Homer's Barracuda - default vehicle (roofed variant)
Bonestrom II Truck - available at Gil's for 100 coins
Milk Van - available at Gil's for 120 coins
Plow King - available from Barney for 150 coins
Chalmers' Car - bonus mission reward
Ned's Station Wagon - street race reward
School Fast Unit Van - secret vehicle...

Spoiler: Developers
Danny - Artist
Femenia - Co-artist
DeepFriedBurger - QA / Scripting
Legomariofanatic - Scripting

I am really sorry for the lazy and bad-worked demo we released a week ago. Developement has been rebooted and now we will focus more on better missions and on grahpical matters in general.
Sorry for this bad start, and for anyone that has played the demo. Thanks for the suggestions.

Ciao a tutti!
its a good idea, and you will need to make difficult levels
Oh Boy I' Can Wait For Level 8 To Play Before Download Okay
Here's my take on it:

It's November 1, the day after Homer put an end to Kang and Kodos' plans. Despite all the praise he receives, there's nuclear waste and zombies everywhere. Plus, Kamala, Kang and Kodos' niece, has been informed that Kang and Kodos are dead. Kamala decides to commit on killing the Simpsons.

Each member of the family (perhaps excluding Maggie) has a mission each. The remaining 3 missions, can be taken up by Apu, Ned and maybe Cletus or Moe.

I'm not really sure exactly what the missions will consist of, but there's my backstory for it.

- YTCCG88, sent at 5:25pm.

nice ideas you had, although I don't think we can make more characters playable in a single level. Anyway the others ideas are pretty neat. Would you like to join our server? Your help with the plot would be precious.
We are releasing a public demo very soon. Watch the main thread for more info.
a public demo it's the next day
Oh Boy I' Can Wait To Play Demo For Level 8 Right Now
The demo is officially available! Check the main thread for the download link.
Whoa I' Love To Play Danny But What About Custom Cars Custom Music New Dialogue Road Rage Dialogue
New Outfits New Newspaper New Intro For Level 8 And Also Decompilable
New Cars it's Call Apocalypse Supply King From Barney To Buy From MorganVain
Chalmers Need For Dialogue All Missions Need For Dialogue All Music Need Custom All Cars Need Custom
And Much More Please
But Duffhause Nightbane Games Nathan Steel Morgan Kuno And Colou Will Be Team With You
Ralph's street race crashes the game.