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Blender 2.8X/2.79: Pure3DXML skeleton converter

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It's time for the moment you've been waiting for!

Thanks to the p3dxml feature I was able to develop this nifty add-on. It allows you to edit SHaR's skeletons fully inside blender.
Spoiler: Here's how it works:
  • Download and install the .py file (download link below)
  • Export the skeleton chunk from any .p3d file
  • File > Import > Skeleton chunk (.p3dxml)
  • Now you can then edit the armature to rig your own characters/cars/moving-structures etc. (tip: if you have a weight-painted mesh, set armature as it's parent and pose the armature, that way you can see how well your rig is in real-time)
  • When you're done, you just export that armature back into .p3dxml
  • Replace the skeleton chunk using latest Lucas' Pure3D Editor (4.3+)
  • And that's it!
Spoiler: Warning
  • Due to how some SHaR rigs are made, the "X mirroring" feature doesn't work well in few cases. One such case is shoulder bones and their children. There is an easy fix for this though. When you're done rigging, do the following:
    • Assuming you edited LEFT-HAND bones and all arm bones are pointing upwards
    • select all RIGHT-HAND BONES (Shoulder_R, Elbow_R, etc...)
    • Pick transform orientation: Normal
    • Pick transform pivot point: Individual origins
    • Now press "S+Y+-1"
    • Now all RIGHT-HAND BONES should be pointing downwards
    • If you edited RIGHT-HAND bones, just do the same thing but with the left side.
    • feel free to use the demo.blend file as a guide
  • While exporting rigs try to select only the armature you need. Warning messages will appear if the first selected item is not an armature

Download the add-on (+Demo .blend project from the screenshot)

Spoiler: TODO list
  • automatically create IK bones
  • add support for custom bones

Please report all bugs either to me on discord(link in bio) or in this comment sectiIKon.
Happy modding!
the people at models resource will freak out, i know it lol
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4 yrs ago (Statistics)
Nice one!
Thanks for making our lives easier and easier :)
Stop making so many tools.
You're practically rigging the upvote system in your favor.
Stop making so many tools.
You're practically rigging the upvote system in your favor.
I hate that so much. have an upvote
Added instructions on how to fix arm bones when using "X mirror"
Added support for Blender 2.79
You can now install the same .py file on both 2.8 and 2.79!
It's not letting me download the thing
1.9.1 Update - added 2 special properties for importing skeleton:

This update will be very useful for people who make custom animations, but you have to bake the animations before porting to SHAR. (This will be marked as epxerimental as it works only on a limited number of player models)
small 1.9.2 update -
The add-on now should be able to export any armature with custom bones. (Note that every bone except root bone must have a parent)