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Blender 2.8X/2.79: Pure3DXML skeleton converter

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Previously the add-on would freak out if you tried to delete/duplicate existing bone or add new ones when working with original SHAR rigs. (Previous update only worked with rigs made completely from scratch and I overlooked original rigs) Everything should be working as expected in version 1.9.3

Happy modding!
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Hi, i found the values for chunks skeleton for scarface, maybe you could add the support for that tool, there are few changes between shar skeletons and scarface:

Skeleton = 4500 for shar and other games, 23000 for scarface
SkeletonJoint 4501 for shar but for scarface the equivalent is SkeletonBone 23001
Scarface doesn't have these chunks: SkeletonJointBonePreserve 4504 and SkeletonJointMirrorMap 4503, it has only those two chunks i mentioned before(Skeleton,SkeletonBone)

Shar and Scarface have alomst the same bones except for these: Pelvis, Clavicle_L, Clavicle_R, right_hand_attach, left_hand_attach and the Rage_Joint (this one is only used when enter in blind mode so its not needed).
There also the weapons skeletons that have these skeletons : nameoftheweapon_upgrade, muzzle_position, nameoftheweapon_clip, tonyRightArmRage (this one has the same concept of the Rage_Joint so not needed).

Here my repo, it is an appilcation for editing .p3d files and it contains the chunks for scarface and lots of others chunks since i made reserch for all the games developed by Radical Entertainment:
it is incomplete but i have another version that another user created but i decompiled and modified it, if you are interested on adding support for scarface skeletons i'll upload it.
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I don't have scarface to test this on, nor do I have plans to mod that game anyway. Feel free to adjust the source code of my tool to work for that game if you want (replacing chunk identifiers should work just fine, my tool isn't hard tied to joint names)
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The Scarface Test build of my Pure3D Editor (available from here) has a feature to export a Scarface "Skeleton 2" to a Pure3D XML in the format of The Simpsons: Hit & Run's "Skeleton" (and import converting back) that allows this add-on to be used with Scarface:
(note that it's incorrectly labelled as "Model XML" instead of "Pure3D XML", but this is a mistake on my part and I apologise if it caused any confusion)