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Sam & Max: Hit & Run - Closed alpha

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You were probably wondering what's up with all my recent (and upcoming) tools. Well, they are gonna prove to be very useful in the creation of a mod from scratch. As much as I like current popular mods, they all have a big portion of SHAR original content. Not saying like it's a bad thing, but I think everyone will agree: we want something fresh! We want something that will make us drop our jaws, something that will surpass all expectations. Something so unbelievably different that we forget it's even a SHAR mod!

Introducing: Sam&Max: Hit&Run! (SMHR)
Sam & Max is a media franchise focusing on the titular fictional characters, the Freelance Police: Sam, an anthropomorphic dog, and Max, a "hyperkinetic rabbity thing". Their adventures will sound way too ridiculous and unbelievable so I recommend you enjoy them at your own pace. (you will surely have enough time to get acquainted with the duo before open beta 😅)
This mod is my passion project I started after discovering how flexible SHAR's engine is and how versatile modding tools are. I am a big Sam and Max nerd, so sorry if it feels like I'm forcing anyone into a totally different franchise. Well, not totally different. Actually, these two (The Simpsons and Sam&Max) have a similar level of humor, SHAR is about driving and Sam&Max fans are very eager to drive the iconic DeSoto, and there are other factors that lead me to think this big "crossover" is gonna be enjoyed by both SHAR and Sam&Max fans.
This mod focuses primarily on the TTG series (since main 3D assets are ripped from there) but it will also include many references and features from the TV series, LucasGames Hit The Road and even the comics!

Video demonstration of the mod in its current state:
Playlist with older update videos

Since this is such a big project I will need quite a team to help me out (although I try to do most of the work it takes a toll on me)
I am currently looking for (in order of priority):
  • 3D artists and/or modelers
  • SHaR developers
  • Voice actors (of TTG and TV characters)
  • Video editors
  • 2D artists/image editors
  • Scriptwriters
Send applications here (twitter, discord, and Gmail are priority) Please attach some examples of your work in that field
[deleted user]
4 yrs ago (Statistics)
As one of the former S&M fans I can definitely say that I'm super-hyped to test this mod out

Удачи, товарищ! :)
You crack me up little buddy
Good luck to you for the process of creating the mod.
This is genius.
Telltale Sam & Max games are some of my all time favourite point and click games.
This sounds like a great idea ,can't wait to see the results.
Hm,sam & max my fav game
Spoiler: New preview video

Interesting map on the video!

Good job :)
Looking Forward To This!