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(DEFUNCT) Blender 2.8+: Instance List generator

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This little add-on creates Instance List (0x3000008) chunk based on (selected/all) objects' transformations. Perfect tool for quickly and precisely creating large amount of prop instances (like lamp posts, trees, phonebooths etc.)
  • install the add-on
  • Select the objects you want to export. it doesn't matter what data they hold (i.e. it doesn't matter if those objects are meshs/curves/images/empties/etc). Only their coordinates and rotation matter (scale not supported by SHAR)
  • File > Export > Export Instance List
  • In export window select a path and a name for p3dxml file (that name will be used as instance list name), specify Old Scenegraph Drawable Name to match the name of instance source (Anim Obj Wrapper for Anim Dyna Phys, Collision Object for Dyna Phys/Inst Stat Phys and etc.)
  • Import the p3dxml file you got into p3d file by replacing an "Instance List" chunk.
  • ???
  • Profit.

Feb 1st 2021 Update:
The add-on is now defunct and is part of My Map Data Editor (WMDE) beta. WMDE Version has Instance List Editor section located in "Misc Module" ("WMDE Misc" Tab) and features both import and export (defunct add-on only has export)
Update: this add-on is now defunct and has been merged with My Map Data Editor (WMDE)
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