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Change Language (to English)

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I've got a German copy of the game, which comes with no language options during the installation. I'd much prefer to play it in English though...
I found another thread explaining that I'd need an English dialog.rcf file, then I could add a command line to the launcher and I'd supposedly be good to go. However, I couldn't find that file anywhere online without downloading the whole game.
So here's my question: Anyone know where I can get that dialog.rcf file from? Or would that not actually work and my physical copy of the game is just legitimately useless to me if I don't like the language it came in and I'd have to go and pirate it somewhere?
If you want it in English, you'd need this file:

Extract that with 7zip, then put it in your game's directory.

Then in your Mod Launcher's command line arguments put:
-language 0

Hope this helps!
Thanks man, you're my hero!
wait jake, where i can find the command line argument??
You need to make a shortcut to your launcher and then right-click it and go "Properties"

Under "Shortcut" in the "Target field" you can add the commandline argument.
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