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Winter Theme - Complete Edition (v4.0 - FINAL) - Holiday 2020 Candidate

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Gave this a quick try as part of the Holiday Contest and it was a pretty fun nostalgic trip to see this concept re-explored! It's also fantastic considering that full-on texture replacements that effect all 7 Levels aren't done too often (I'm not familiar if any sort of repainted texture pack has ever properly been finished for instance), but it's always neat to see someone experiment with the visual style of a Level to make it feel more fresh. I'm glad to see someone share the same interest and it did bring a bit of a smile seeing this again and fully utilized - I had actually completely forgotten about the melted snow effect present in Level 3 we did! I found some other surprises in the mod as well, such as the 'SPOOK-E-MART' sign restoration in Level 7. I assume that was your doing and was really nice to see! It's a detail you didn't have to do, but feels appreciated all the same.

I'm glad to see someone trying to go and finish the full thing and the texture work with the importing was done pretty nicely. The snow effect texture still looks pretty great and fits the game's art style pretty well. It has aged a bit oddly in some areas (I think more texture contrast between the roads and the grass would help the terrain feel more visually interesting and easier communicate where the roads are exactly), but as a complete restoration of what we never finished, it's nice to see!

The only other thing I really have to comment on is that I sorta wish the ads Kyle had made for Level 1 were either removed or ported over to Levels 4 and 7. They're pretty easy to overlook as I believe they're the only signs in the game that were properly modified (I think they were a leftover from a mod he did?),

Thanks for the fun memories with this pack! Sure a lot of people will appreciate having this if they're feeling festive and want to run through the game again from scratch.
You should have added the characters with their winter outfits.