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how to open an lmlm file

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i cant open an lmlm file like cops in spring filed mod and donut mod 4 can someone please help
- Click Open, Launcher settings on your mod launcher
- While on the additional mods tab, click individual mods
- Then click Add, File
- Look for your LMLM file which in your case would be cops in springfield or donut mod 4
- Your mod should now show up on your mod list, tick which one you want to play and click Launch
i try but i cant still 'Decompile' the mod
Since their creation, those mods have been set as impossible to decompile. also decompiling mods and using parts of those mods WITHOUT CREDITS can be serious enough that you deserve a permaban, even more so if they could not be decompiled. although I don't know why you would want to decompile them.