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Itchy and Scratchy store to finally open in level 3!

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I just found out about this forum and it's truly amazing as a long time Hit & Run fan, the noticion of an active mod community rekindled my interest for this game in many, many years.
So I always would have liked more interesting stuff about I&S in this game as I always felt like they'd fit so well in here, but sadly there never was much of anything besides a small cutscene. So when I was a little kid playing this game I convinced myself these two were actually in the game in front of the Duff factory at level 3 roaming around at certain secret times. Now I don't think this is actually true at this point but my young brain believed it so much that I started telling my friends I'd see them in the game ahahah
Anyways if that thing could actually become a mod I'd be very happy, but now that I'm at it, I'd say this game could favor some I&S fanboyism here and there, coincidentally in the very same level where they are supposed to spawn there's a cool little I&S store, I started developing some ideas about it to make it a full room with things to do inside, like adding a arcade with the snes game actually playable, some interesting new costumes like those we see in "the game" when you had to beat up kids hypnotized by the grand theft auto knock off, and some reason to actually impersonate those two maybe inside a whole new level inside the tv world (Maz did a very cool mod about it that's very fun in my opinion, given more time he could actually come up witha full map maybe, I believe you pal!)

So yeah that's about it, I think this game needs much more I&S! Also I would like to learn modding myself, any suggestions on guides here?