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Maggie's Hot Dog Dream (Mod Jam Submission)

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Maggie has a dream about being small enough to fit in her toy car. Unsupervised hijinks ensue
This mod features a custom map (collision, road nodes, coins, collector cards), 2 missions, 3 costumes, 1 car and a few sprites I drew/rendered myself (there's even a custom cutscene my friend made in 40 seconds) ...It was also made in ~43 hours (11 hours before deadline) and doesn't feature nearly as much polish/development as I'd like. I don't plan to expand on this idea (maybe if enough people request it maybe?) I'd even be fine if someone took over mod development, as long as I get to direct it.

Video demonstration by Nightbane
Instant classic
This is awesome!
Very creative, Woas!
Cuttiest mod ever.
honestly one of my fav mod ever, there's something so fun about it idk how to describe it

I've been lurking here for a while, but I had to make an account after this. I have been working on an extensive Simpsons iceberg video, and at one point I pitch this exact concept.

I'm definitely going to through in a shout out in the video. I don't know how modding works, but from what I've seen this looks super impressive, especially considering you threw this together in under 48 hours!

I think this concept has some real potential for a fully developed fleshed out mod, and would love see it continued in some form.
I'm definitely LATE with this, and I apologize for post bumping. But I'd really love to leave my opinion on this mod.
First of all, it is so freaking cute, the concept, the car, the way you start the missions and don't even get me started on the artwork.
I also loved the outfits, I REALLY DID NOT expect to see Homer Shake Maggie in there. It's just so original, cute and all on point, for a two mission mod I have to say this is so great & made my day playing it.
Really great job with this one, I absolutely loved it and would absolutely play any continuation of this (if maybe Weasel feels like continuing it. Maybe Gerald could appear too as boss or something?)
Loved it! 😄
This is amazing! Please we need more of this!
Please make a separate mod for the car. By the way, i love the intro for this mod. Never seen a mod start with an mspaint clip XD