Simplistic Dreams (2021 Mod Jam entry)

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Bart seems to have found himself inside of Maggie's dream. Unfortunately, it's quite boring.

Things you can do
  • Drive around the vast void.
  • Wear a custom (retextured) costume.
  • Drive a Speed Rocket that totally isn't just a repaint of the original.
  • Admire the purple in the skies... whilst the sun shines bright.
  • Find 1 hidden Wasp Camera.

Originally made for the 2021 "Dream theme" Mod Jam for fun and as a cool learning experience.

Credit to Nightbane for the Maggie model.

Is compatible with the Demo game release. Is decompilable.


n/a (7th February 2021)
  • Initial release.

2.0 (15th April 2023)
  • General standardisation, optimization and functional improvement.
  • Speed Rocket now has Phone Booth stars.
  • Adds better support for 3D Phone Booth Previews.


if someone managed to find the wasp then gg