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RSD to wav & more, batch convert

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This will convert all the ".rsd" files in the directory where the batch script is located, to .wav.
Alternatively, changing the file extension in the script will allow you to convert the RSD to other formats

Its use would be to mass convert rsd files into wav files OR to convert RSD to something other than .wav
Yes, there is a tool for exporting the audio using Lucas' RSD converter but, this batch script can be used for multiple at once.


You need to download FFMPEG first.
The site can be a little confusing so I recommend downloading the "release full" one here:

Place it in a good location on your PC and then, add the bin folder location to path in environmental variables

The script

Open up a notepad and paste the script in. Save it as a .bat where your .rsd files are.

for %%i in (*.rsd) do ffmpeg -i "%%i" "%%~ni.wav"

You can change the output extension to anything that is supported by FFmpeg. But wav should be just fine for shar mod development.

Spoiler: Alternative formats
for %%i in (*.rsd) do ffmpeg -i "%%i" "%%~ni.flac"

for %%i in (*.rsd) do ffmpeg -i "%%i" "%%~ni.ogg"

Other formats supported. This is an example with common audio extensions

Spoiler: Example