How can I make custom street race fences

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I can make the fences easily, but I don't know how to turn them into the fences used in the street races. I've tried asking this on Discord, but I got no answers. Does anyone else know how to do this?
This blender plugin lets you create, export and import fences
That’s what I was using, I just want to know how to make the fences I imported from the street race files look like the fences that appear in the street races, and how I can make my own fences look like them. I’m guessing that I will have to use the Apply Fence Transforms button.
how I can make my own fences look like them
Fences are invisible, are you talking about the tyres and rails that appear around street races?
Yeah, I was referring to the tires and guardrails
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You can import any of the existing tires/guardrail models from the race P3D files into Blender, import the map chunks as a reference, then basically build your own race track in a way you want it
Then add fence collisions, and voila, you've got your own street race course!
I tried importing some tire walls to the racetiredr_Shape file, but I got this error screen when I opened the file