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(Discontinued; up for adoption) Sideshow Trial

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Hello, I'm Professor Thaxy. You may remember me from such places as the Donut Team Discord server, or some random Youtube comment section. Today I'm here to present you the first campaign mod finally about Sidesho- I mean, my first campaign mod: Sideshow Trial!

Sideshow Bob has once again been released from prison, and Bart is once again uncomfortable about this. But this time, instead of going after Bart, Bob seems to have gone after a certain man Bart's not on the best terms with, leading Bart on a quest to spy on Bob and discover his true plans. What motive of Sideshow Bob will Bart uncover? And how will Bart bring him to justice this time?

Features include but aren’t limited to:
  • 9 all new missions
  • 4 new street races, including one of a type not seen in the original SHAR
  • 6 vehicles, 3 classic and 3 all new
  • 7 collector cards based off of Sideshow Bob episodes


Help Needed:
I’m looking for volunteers to help me with this mod. What I specifically need volunteer help with is listed below
  • Blender artists to make custom cars and interiors for Sideshow Bob’s house
  • Musicians to compose music for the street races and final mission
To apply for a volunteer role, contact me on discord: ProfessorThaxy#4924

When will the mod come out?
If I continue work on this mod often enough, hopefully no later then September.
Very interesting story! The mod looks good so far.
[deleted user]
2 yrs ago (Statistics)
Seems promising 👀
Good luck out there!
I think it’s time for a small update. It’s been a while since I’ve said anything about this mod.
First off, 3 months since I’ve made this thread, I’m proud to announce that all of the main missions are at least 90% complete. I’m hoping to release the mod before November.

Unfortunately, I just don’t have the passion to make SHAR mods that I used to have in the months when I started to develop this mod, and I have more important issues in my life than working on this mod. I won’t cancel the mod, but I have decided to cut a lot of the planned content out, and just finish the story missions and release it at that.

The content that I’m gonna cut includes:
  • The bonus mission (I never thought of a good idea for a bonus mission)
  • 4 of the 6 vehicles (since no one ever asked me if they could do modeling for the mod)
  • The interiors of Sideshow Bob’s house (same reason as above)
  • The custom music (since nobody also asked me if they could compose music for the mod)
  • The collector cards (I recently found out that the quote scrollers on the cards are hardcoded, and now I don’t feel like putting them in the mod.)

With that said, I’m still looking for beta testers, since this mod has a history of having crashes and errors out of nowhere. If you would like to be a beta tester, reply to me on this thread or contact me on Discord. I would like to have at least 3 beta testers.

I apologize if anyone is disappointed that I’m not completing this mod as started.

–Professor Thaxy
This post has been removed.
1 yr ago (Statistics)
Man, it’s been a good ass while since I last said anything about this mod. It’s about time I put out another update on the mod, not that it’s a very good one.

To start, it’s been nearly 10 months since I last posted an update on this mod’s development. I have done some work on the mod for a few weeks after the last update, and I have even uploaded the first two missions of the mod to my Youtube channel as sneak-peeks around October, but after those two uploads, I had done no work on the mod at all, simply because (as aforementioned in the last update) I don’t have the interest and motivation to work on this mod anymore.

Let me tell you about how I lost interest in modding the game: during the first three months of development, there was something in the mod that was causing it to crash at random. It would happen whether I was doing a mission or not, and it would do this every time I opened up the mod. After the first two months, I got to a point where I did not want to work on the mod anymore, if it was just going to crash so continuously I couldn’t finish playtesting a new mission. After the third month, I finally found the cause of the crashing and got it resolved, but I just couldn’t get the enthusiasm to work on the mod back. In addition to losing interest in making mods, I also started to (sort of) dislike the mod’s story, since it didn’t feel very thrilling for a Sideshow Bob story. And so, for months I didn’t know what I wanted to do with this mod.

As for the motivation, there never seemed to be a lot of demand for this mod, or a lot of people interested in it. There were a few people who got interested in this mod, but it never seemed to be as popular as other campaign mods when they were announced (It wouldn’t surprise me if any of the people who have taken an interest in this mod forgot about it, with how long it’s been since I’ve said anything about this mod.). It may have been because I was new to this site and this would have been my first mod, but even if this was popular for a newcomer’s mod, why would I need to finish it if it’s both something I’ve lost the desire for working on, and something that doesn’t have a big following?

For these reasons and others, but mainly these reasons, I have unfortunately decided to cancel the mod just so I could be through with it and move on.

However, there is still a way this mod can see a potential release. I have decided that if I’m not going to finish the mod, then I would at least put it up for adoption, given how I finished making all of the missions and races.
If anyone would like to adopt the mod, please reply on this thread requesting an adoption, and I will contact you on Discord to give you more information.

With that said, I apologize if I upset anyone with the mod’s cancellation, although I hope you can respect and understand my decision to do so.