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Trouble adding steam ID

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Hey I need a bit of help. I am trying to set up my profile and I want to add my steam ID but I am not sure what to do would you be able to give me a quick run down of what to do.
Your steam id is the username you picked when you registered with steam. For example, my name on steam is "aerhx" as you can see with this link:

You can find this link on steam by going to your steam client and seeing the name next to "Community". Or you can go to your Steam profile and right-click and choose "Copy Page URL"

After finding what your profile name is, enter it on our profile information page like so:
My steam actual comes up with a link like this numbers here and my name is not a existing ID
You can just put the number ID, it should work.
I tried to use the number but it just comes up with a error page

Here is a link to my profile if it can be of any help Profile Link
I will have to add support for number ids in the next website update
The issue has been solved. You can now add your steam account to your profile.