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SHAR & Lucas' Launcher on Steam Deck

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I'm pretty familiar with running SHAR through LML on Windows, but I don't really have a clue about it on Linux, which is the OS of my Steam Deck. Is there a guide or info out there about this?

Apologies if I posted on the wrong board; this seemed like the most intuitive one for the subject.

Hey there! And welcome to the forums! All is well and you're in the right place to post this.

Sadly I can't provide too much support myself due to not owning a Steam Deck myself. However, someone around a year ago asked a similar question about this and was able to get a setup that worked. That post is available here. However, the provided image in the link no longer functions as far as I can tell. The setup instructions in the post should be enough to navigate how to set it up, regardless.

I hope that helps some. Let me know if you still run into issues with it.

It's Jenny! The Kirby loving trans girl that made Snake mods! I'm so happy to see you're here! Add me on Discord if you use it these days! I'm demilunasys :D

Thanks so much for the help, btw! Excited to get SHAR working again.
Update: Got it working, except the game doesn't recognize inputs from my triggers. Could I get some help?
Sometimes a different/older version of Proton can help particularly with old games.
Make sure you have xinput turned on in the mod launcher, and check the in game binds.
Check your steam controller settings, you could also bind the triggers in there to some other button if the game refuses to take the trigger input.

If it's still not working maybe try a fresh install or a different method.
Did you follow a guide like this?
Or is it something like Lutris or Clifforus' Arch Linux guide?