Your favourite port of Simpsons H&R?

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PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube or PC? Which do you like best? Some of them? Or all?

I own, played and completed Simpsons H&R 100% on PlayStation 2 (platinum edition), GameCube and PC, so Xbox was the only one I never did at all in my life. Don't know which version I like best myself though, maybe the PC one for Lucas's Mod Launcher feature and loads of mods from this site? I do like the other versions of the game too. I also got Simpsons H&R for Dolphin (5.0), a two-in-one GameCube and Wii emulator on my laptop, and surprisingly it works very good (apart from the bit of rough framerate dips), unless it's just my computer with better performances.

Also, if you like, you could share the differences between Hit & Run's ports, even the minor ones like there was a Buzz Cola vending machine next to Evergreen Terrace's flaming tyres junkyard or something. That's what I seem to have noticed one port has it and another doesn't.
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Indeed I played first on like PS2, but later on switched to PC, and despite it having a really f****** bad translation, I still managed to somewhat enjoy the gameplay
PC is much more controllable, more stable and is the main modding base, so in my opinion it surpasses every other platform. I don't mind people using other platforms though
You can find some differences here
I have played a lot on PC and it has much better loading times than others plateforms. I have played on the french version and all dialogues are very good and makes me laugh. The textures are also better on PC. And especially the fact of being able to play every mods presents on this site and without it the game would probably have died a long time ago so I thhe PC version is the best (sorry for my bad english).
PC version with mods is just better to me for convenience and extra features (as well as mods!) but out of the three console versions I like Xbox the best.
Also going to throw my vote in for PC, though I'm obviously very biased given I love the community and mods it spawned! It's generally a rather nice port given the time it was made given most PC ports were hit or miss in quality. Radical put a fair amount of effort into the port given things such as the re-done higher resolution HUD icons, mouse support in menus, and pretty easy to configure controller options in-game. There are some minor grievances, such as minor graphical downgrades and driving animations being borked, but outside of that everything else is pretty well executed. Lucas' work makes it pretty easy to fix up the issues with it and even before that came to be it was a blast revisiting the game at a nice solid framerate.

The PS2 release is what I grew up with and is probably the worst of the bunch. So much so that it was genuinely difficult to go back to after playing the PC port and clearing the game casually. The framerate dips quite often and seems to run below 25FPS at quite a few points? I had no issues with it when I was younger since I didn't have any other comparable open world games of a similar structure at the time and didn't have the other ports to compare it to, but now ehhh. I gave up after getting through Level 1.

Best console port is probably the Xbox version for the nicer framerate and built-in widescreen support.
I could never play this game again without mods, so PC.
Wow, nice to see (a lot of) votes for PC.

BTW, I see two people on this topic have deleted their DT accounts. Odd... Maybe they decided to give up or something? :/ How sad. :(
I agree with what Kenny Giles said - Hit & Run's PS2 port is the worst for low framerate, but also when saving progress, it's not as quick as the PC (and GameCube) does. Yeah I probably grew up with the PS2 version as my first one and didn't focus on any issues too, but after playing the superior PC port a lot recently, now...the PS2 and GameCube versions seem to be shallow. Ah well, different phases in life people go through and all that.

It also holds true for when playing an old copy of a classic game on its matching console hooked to a modern TV - the display quality is fuzzy. That's why old games look better on small monitors, not modern televisions with bigger screens, 'cause they weren't meant for that originally. Modern games are. Though luckily, Hit & Run on PC still has amazing high quality graphics on my laptop with a better graphics card even now.

So yes, I vote on PC as the king of ports. Now that I know its console cousins don't stand up much, I'll stick with the PC version as always. Much more comfortable, straightforward and convenient.
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Agreed. :)

Colou's Fully Connected Map mod is amazing, too. I hope he's working on the mission pack and sunset/night variants right now as well. :D