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Donut Mod Roadmap?

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So I just finished the donut mod, I thought it was really fun!.. and was just wondering if there was a release window for level 3 and 4, or at least like a progress report. If that's confidential then it's totally cool, I understand that you're a small group and you can take as much time as you want... I'm just excited!
Anyways here's some ideas/ suggestions for the future of Donut Mod, just in case you run out of ideas or smthn.

Level 1: I feel like this level has like half the amount of changes as level 2. Don't get me wrong, it's still fun it's just there two things I would add. First, you should make the church enterable, especially since so many missions bring you to it's front door and at that point you might as well go inside. It could also be a good location for Ned's mission, for example you could do parkour in the rafters to get Ned's cooler. Second, I would make Mr Burns mansion accessible from the front, as we won't be returning there for level 4.

Level 2: This is good as is!

Level 3: Excited to see what you do with this one, not much to say though. Maybe it would be cool if one could enter the Monty Burns Casino?

Level 4: Same go's for this one, can't wait to see the new map!

Level 5: Assumedly your going to make a new map for this level as well, unless by then you're sick of the donut mod and don't want to bother, which would be understandable but still
disappointing. Anyways my idea is a utility district... think the Nuclear Power Plant and the Springfield Mountains maps from Road Rage. On one side of this map would be
relatively flat land, featuring shØp, the mall (perhaps you could enter it and see iconic stores like the Leftorium? Or even it could be used as a shortcut, riding up a escalator
through the roof of the mall and getting some killer airtime?) and, importantly, the buzz cola factory, which Apu would investigate. This side of the map would be very similar to
the Nuclear Power Plant map in Road Rage, just without the nuclear power plant lol. On the other side of the map would be large mountainous terrain. It would be very rural, just
nature, and the all the obstacles/shortcuts could be outcrops of land, reducing the amount of assets required. This side of the map could be once again very similar to Road Rage, including things like the Springfield gorge and inspiration point. Anyways that's just my idea, hoped you found it interesting.

Level 6: Level 6 is a tricky one. It's the only non-unique level to recycle a character, meaning it would be awkward and time consuming to create a new map for it. But on the other hand, keeping it the same would look awkward as the only recycled map in the Donut Mod. I think the best solution is to reskin the port district (what I'm gonna call the map level 6 takes place on) to make it similar to level 7, but that opens a whole new can of worms. With that in mind, here's a couple suggestions from hardest to easiest (in the eyes of someone who doesn't code). First, you could create a new map, such as a rich district or china town, with a new character, like grandpa, but that's just a lot of work. Maybe then, you could reskin the port district with a certain theme, like how level 7 reskinned the suburbs with a Halloween theme. Here's a couple themes: Christmas themed, which seems the most obvious alongside halloween, it would be nice to see the port district under a layer of snow with green and red light bulbs everywhere, and could be justified as "the snow before end times" which is a common folklore trope, you could even add in some jokes about how everyone is to busy celebrating Christmas to notice the obvious aliens. The only issue is that it would feel clunky to go from Christmas to Halloween, since that's obviously not how it goes in real-life, so a solution to that would be to replace the locations of the levels to make level 6 (or now 7) a kind of epilogue but at that point it's getting too complicated. Another possible theme is a future, or dare I say futurama, theme. You could justify it by saying the aliens brought more futuristic technology with them beyond the laser guns, and add futuristic buildings, UFO's and even the futurama characters in some missions, make them say that they got abducted by aliens from the year 3000, make Bart laugh at them, and have them help in his quest, including some Simpsorama dialogue. Finally, you could make the level whacking day themed, which wouldn't change the map beyond a couple snake posters and balloons, which would be a pretty boring. This is kind of unrelated but in the bonus mission I'd love to see a heist on the burns casino with Snake in any of the themes. That's all I have to say on the particular subject.

Level 7: I don't have much to say on this level, bet it'll be fun tho!

Whew! Thanks for maybe reading possibly, and great work so far Donut Team!
Hey there, skater, and welcome to the forums! We're always glad to see a new face around here rediscovering Hit & Run for the game it is and we're glad to hear you enjoyed your experience with Donut Mod's current revision.

Unfortunately, for the time being, development has hit a bit of a snag and is currently in a hiatus. Jake's comment on a previous thread sums up what's going on regarding the status of the mod in a much more elegant way than I can describe. As such, it's difficult for me to currently share what our road map looks like. While we have an idea of where the narrative is going, the actual Levels and regional revisions are worked on in order.

We're glad to hear you liked the new location in Level 2! It was a huge effort on Loren's part and definitely the most in the way of creative freedom in the currently existing Levels (in terms of show accuracy). Level 1's was more of a smaller idea that worked it's way into the Story Missions in comparison. We currently feel as if all missions in Level 1 are well-polished are likely to be left as-is, but I do quite like the Church idea. It's a matter of seeing if we can potentially make something work out of it.

Thank you for the kind words, and hope to see you around!

- Kenny