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In-game Costumes Issue

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So there's a thing on my game that's occured which I've never encountered before. Basically I just started a new save a few days ago because I really wanted to replay the game again and I wanna go for the 100%, but for some strange reason I can already change into the different outfits... like.. the game already has them unlocked when I know fully well I never paid for them and looking at the level progress it shows that I have zero outfits unlocked or paid for, it kinda bothers me a bit, anyway, I've been using the Lucas Mod Manager so I can run it in 1920x1080 but apart from that I'm doing pure vanilla (I do have mods downloaded tho,they're just not enabled), if anyone could let me know how this has happened or how I could fix this without making a new save then that would be great, I've also used the multiplayer launcher before, if that helps anyone figuring this out. I also don't know where to post this so apologies if this is in the wrong place.

List of mods (all are disabled like previously mentioned)
- Annoy Squidward 2.02
- Cops in Springfield 1.1
- Fully Connected Map 1.31
- Fully Connected Map 1.0.6 (think this is the regular daytime version)
- Road Rage Returns 1.2.3
- And of course, the default mods/hacks/cheats we are given with the launcher
Do you have "Unlock All Rewards" on in the settings tab?

Yeah I did, just disabled it and it fixed it, thanks!