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DMP files, to anyone who can read and understand them please help? *RESOLVED*

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Hey guys simpsons hit and run won't even make it to a loading screen or anything,
Here's the link to the DMP file I created from simpsons:
my crashes wouldn't save through the mod loader hence why I created the DMP. Thanks guys, hope you are all having a good day!
I fiddled with the device manager and disabled some HID-Compliant consumer control devices until I found the right one, I always kept one enabled encase I need the drivers running. This may not fix everyone's game. Make sure you message someone like a staff member here at Donut Team so they can potentially find out if it is indeed a direct input device causing the issue or something else and make sure you send them a crash report if you can. For me the game displayed nothing but a black box and no other details, most people don't encounter the same issue I did but if you do I recommend that you please message the Donut team first. They know what they are doing and can potentially get back to you about problems like this real quick on their discord: . Be respectful guys, and you might get the help you need!

I released a tool a while back that can get some useful data out of the crash dumps: SHAR Crash Analyzer.

I took a look at the dump file you linked, and it appears that it hit a breakpoint in the code, which caused it to crash. My best guess is that you're encountering a bug that's fixed in the Bug Fixes hack. If you go to the Settings tab of the Mod Launcher, make sure Bug Fixes is checked. Then click it to select it, and press Mod Settings in the panel that opens. In the Crashes box, make sure Late Focus Freeze is checked and see if the error persists.

Hey thanks for the help! Unfortunately it was all already checked so It was crashing with those settings already applied.