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Is there a specific way to install the game on windows 10? Legitimate CD copy. *RESOLVED*

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Hey, it didn't make any noticeable differences. I got the same result. Just a little black square that stops responding.
I'm not too sure if this helps but I made some more .DMP files
and does it help to use a compatibility mode when installing the game?
and should I Download and install .NET 3.5 or something like update my windows?
or should I disable visual themes or something in windows settings? I feel like there's something I'm not doing.. Thanks :)
Starting to think I have to just get a whole new computer..
The Mod Launcher has a hacked called Modern Computer Support that fixes all the issues that would need compatibility mode.
.NET Framework 3.5+ is supported, so a newer version should be fine.
I've never heard of someone needing to disable visual themes.

I'll send this to Lucas and see if he can come up with anything I've missed.

Hi Fedo,

Could you confirm that the issue persists through full PC restarts? Note that if you have Fast Startup enabled (which it is by default), pressing Shut down and then powering up isn't a full restart, and it will only restart if you press Restart.
Lucas took a look at the crash dumps and confirmed it's hanging at the same DirectInput function that Late Focus Freeze fixes, though did note that he can tell the Bug Fix was enabled.

As a side note, if you join the Discord, you can get access to faster support as I don't check the forums constantly.

Yeah I've restarted It since and I still get the same results. Thanks, I might have to check out the discord!
(A few moments later) I've made a discord account! But I don't have permission to send messages on the channel. Is that normal? I'm not sure
how exactly one is supposed to use discord aha.
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