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Operation: Think of the Children (Mod Jam #2 Submission)

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Hey everyone, this is my Mod Jam #2 submission.
This mod was created for an event, you can read about it here: Mod Jam #2 - Tropical Getaway



Operation: Think of the Children sees you play as Moe following the events of season 9's 'Das Bus', a personal favourite episode of mine. Think of this as an epilogue, but in mod form. You can read about the episode here: Das Bus Wikipedia entry

Mod Info:
  • 3 missions
  • 4 costumes
  • 6 vehicles (4 traffic, 1 secret, 1 main)
  • 7 Collector cards
  • Custom dialogue
  • A custom map!
General Info:

I rushed to upload this by the deadline, please let me know if you find any bugs or if any crashes occur.

Krusty the Clown voiced by Jayden Libran
Donut Team account
Youtube channel

When free roaming the map I recommend loading mission 2 as there aren't any traffic vehicles loaded for m0/m1.

One of my main goals was to replicate Radical's art style and recreate an authentic SHAR experience.

After the contest has come to a close (and the results are in) I'll be uploading a more polished and finalised version of the mod. As well as making it decompile-able for modder's to have access to the custom map and other assets.

Download mod: Here


This version of the mod will be preserved and not receive any updates, however will be developed and expanded upon as OTOTC 2
You can find out about this here Operation: Think of the children 2