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Mountain Drew (Version 1.1) NEW UPDATE

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Mountain Drew Version 1.1 is live now.

What's in this mod?

3 Original Vehicles + 2 Retextured/Custom Vehicles
7 Missions (Including Tutorial Mission)
3 Collect-A-Thon Missions (Milhouse, Nelson, & Ralph)
Bonus Mission
Some retexturing

Screenshots & Spoilers

Known Issues (Version 1.1)
Had a little trouble with decompiling the mod. Hopefully that will be fixed in the next update or so. Plus some polishing will be worked on in the upcoming updates.

Version 1.1
Hello, never seen a mod named after an energy drink or a play of one's name so this might be interesting!
However, I see a little bit of an issue with the texture behind, assuming it was edited in paint as the alpha channels are gone. I was wondering if you'd need any help in doing this or texture editing, or at least some advice? I'm excited to see where you're going with it! ^^'
Hi-hi, this sounds quite exciting, however I would like to give you a heads up that you should probably post all of the updates regarding the mod development in this topic, not just for relevancy & context but also because it's hard to keep track of 3 topics.
Please, for the future, edit or post on this topic if you wish to keep people updated on it!

I went ahead and merged your 3 posts together in here and locking the others.
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Thank you very much. I didn't know how at first, but thank you for the advice.
looks interesting. will keep an eye on this.
how many new cars and characters in this mod?
The quoted post is unavailable.

As of right now, I plan to have 2 new vehicles or at least a retexture to the vehicles. I have made one character for this mod. I also might add some new clothing for Homer in this mod if I can. That's all I have planned for now. I'm hoping to give everyone another update coming real soon. So yeah.
Update on the Mountain Drew Mod. Here's what I've completed.

1. Tutorial Mission
2. 1 of 3 Street Races
3. Some new or retextured vehicles

I'm still aiming to release this mod by Spring. Stay tuned for more updates. -AndrewHarris109
Glad to hear you're making progress, good luck with your Spring release :)
I'm here with another update on the Mountain Drew mod. Here's what I'm working on.

1. All 3 Street Races
2. Story Missions
3. Bonus Mission?

I'm working hard on this mod. Still no release date for the mod yet, but I'm still aiming for Spring.

Stay tuned for more updates on this mod. 😀