Another one Traffic Vehicle The SUVB?

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I Was Trying To Retexture This image
This is an SUV But Rename It To SUVB This is an Mob Version That has Black Texture and Not Recolorable
Just Like The Mob Sedan in donut Mod 4 The Car Needs To Be Replace New Low Poly Mafia Or Mob Driver The Color It Self Must Be Black Color For example
This Is one of the most requested Traffic Vehicle Could Be used Or Marge's Canyonero Remove The Interior Give Soild Doors Make It Recolorable and replace a low poly driver
I have a feeling that you could've asked this in the Discord server and get it done there, you seem to be pretty active in it.
Here's a texture, I made for you, but please keep in mind people aren't always able to make these and given it's just a texture, you should probably not rely on others so much to do it for you, it's pretty simple to do. If you're using Paint.Net, you should probably look up some tutorials (like this one.)

I have also changed the board of this mod from The Simpsons: Hit & Run to SHAR: Mod Requests, it feels more appropriate for what you're asking.
Thank You So Much #maz Now I Should replace an new low poly driver or somehow