custom texture for for cars

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thanks to maz, he managed to create a custom png for my plue sedan and if you guys want to know how he does, please scroll down the page
hello and welcome please just follow our rules of this forum
I will look into it when I get on my PC.
hi donut team, today i made a custom texture for the family sedan but i want it the same color in the phone booth so can you please modify the sedan damage and normal png files to make them blue for me please if i need any other car pngs changed ill let you know
here are the files

Could you perhaps send me your blue sedan? I can make pretty accurate looking phonebooth images, but I kind of need the car to do that.
here is the car

There you go:
yo thanks man, how did you do it, mind you, most of the car was done in ms paint
First thing I do is find a good pose for the car and save it as an image. Then I edit the image in (I really recommend this for anybody too lazy to learn Photoshop) by adding a fake shadow and a bit of white background in the back of the windows and done.
thanks man also im gonna give you some credit for the car from earlyer, thanks
You're welcome, and thank you as well, it's not necessary to credit me, but it's greatly appreciated!