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Help I dont see cars from mods which I downloaded.

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Hi, I came back here after a few months and I have a problem. I have installed several mods for this game and when I turn them on everything is ok, but when I go into the game and into phonebooth I don't see these cars only I see 20 cars from 1 mod and from the other 4 mods not anymore.
Hey there!

If you don't mind me asking, what mods are you using exactly? Are you able to take a screenshot of your Launcher and upload the screenshot to an image sharing website such as Imgur?

It's quite possible the mods you're using have separate save files. Knowing which ones you were using beforehand might help narrow down the issue.

Thank you!
Hi, let me try to say it clearly. The thing is that I have a problem in which I have, for example, 30 cars from mods but you can't see them only you can see the ones from the regular game and maybe 3 or 4 from mods, but the rest - not at all. An example would be that I have all of them from the regular game and 3 from mods, but the rest, which is about 40, you can no longer see them. I would like to "expand" the limit of cars in 1 phonebooth (if it is possible, of course) because they do not want to show up.