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How do you get mods on simpsons hit and run on mac? here's how!

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First go to application then right click on the shar base game, not the launcher. Then you click "show package contents" then you open "drive_c", then in that folder click "program files", then you should see the lucas shar(Simpsons hit and run) mod launcher folder only if you did everything right in this video! then simply click on "mods" then drag and drop a mod file you got from donut team mod bakery into the mod folder. Then when you open the game the mod should be in the general's tab. 😉
Hey there! While the information in this thread might be handy to some of the people browsing this forum, I had to remove the comment regarding the YouTuber in question, as their upload seems to link to an unofficial installer for the game.

While Hit & Run wasn't officially released digitally, we try to keep our hands clean of any potential third party installers just to keep the IP holders (and the Big Mouse) happy. Modding is already sort of a grey area, but usually isn't frowned upon provided the game isn't bundled with it. I hope you can understand!

Again, I decided to leave the rest of the post as-is as some of the information might be useful to users, provided they have a setup similar to the one shared here. Thank you.