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Loading a custom map on a different level

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Hi, I'm very new to modding SHAR, I've run into an issue where when I spawn into the level, I have to get in a vehicle and drive around for a few seconds before the map loads in, does anyone have any suggestions or the answer to this? Thanks ^^

- Prior to driving around

- After a few seconds
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Pretty easy fix! Basically, to prevent overlapping regions and to ease some stress off of what the game has to keep rendered, only a couple of Level regions are loaded at a time.

The game loads new regions using invisible triggers that tell the game what regions need to be loaded when you hit these triggers, or through a function at the start of each mission script called SetDynaLoadData. This is why the terrain is invisible in the above screenshots you shared. SetDynaLoadData was set to load some regions that the player doesn't start in, and the player has not yet touched or has bypassed these pre-existing invisible triggers. You'd have to adjust the SetDynaLoadData function accordingly to load the correct Zones that the player starts in.

Usually the easiest way to find a set of Zones is to just take a gander at a pre-existing Mission Script that Radical already set up. For instance, checking Level 1 Mission 6's pre-mission script (m6sdi.mfk present in the scripts/level01 directory) would show you what regions are loaded when you warp there using the pause menu's 'Mission Select' functionality. Hopefully that gives you an idea of what you'd need to do!
Kenny, I feel silly for not noticing that, especially after spending too much time looking at those scripts earlier.. whoops... Thank you! I dare to think how much more time I would have wasted if not for you ^^