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Hello, this is my first time posting in this page, and I am doing so because I have tried everything but nothing has worked.

So after almost two years of this game being in my computer, it has randomly started to crash at certain points. The ones I have been able to confirm are:

Level 1:
- Street Races 2 and 3

Level 2:
- Street Races 2 and 3
- When attempting to initiate dialogue with an NPC during a mission in the DMV area

Level 3:
- Street Races 2 and 3
- When trying to get the fish in Mission 6
- When trying to talk to Bart in Mission 7

Level 7:
- When trying to talk to Flanders in Mission 1

These mistakes even extend to Mods like "Simpsons Hit & Run: Plus".
I use the Spanish version of the game, with the International Support hack activated.
I haven't modified the game files in any way other than to replace pedestrians on the streets. They haven't been touched since the year 2020.

I have searched for every possible solution online, but I haven't been able to find a fix. I even tried to start the game both with and without the Lucas Launcher. I'm considering uninstalling and re-installing the game, though I don't fully know how to do that.

Can anyone please come up with a solution? I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks a lot in advance.
Hi there & welcome!
May I ask if the crashes also happen without any hacks and mods enabled? Also, does the game throw any errors?
If you could do the following things, it could help finding out what the issue is:

1) Enable developer tools:
A bunch of our hacks allow the user to keep the track of what the game does. Go on the "Developer" tab on your mod launcher & enable the following settings: "Console and Logging", "Debug Checks".

2) Enable crash dumps:
To enable crash dumps, you must go on the "Open..." button & then to the "Game" tab. There, toggle on "Save Crash Dump" and "Show Message on Crash" inside the "Crashes" box.

Run your game & see if you get any errors or logs when the game crashes.
Once the game crashes, to find a crash dump, you go on the "Open..." button again and onto "Crashes" (right below "Mods"). Select the most recent crash dump & run it with the SHAR Crash Analyzer. You should get a hint on what the error is. If you're confused about your error, you could upload the crash dump on a link & send your link here (or just send the useful information (example, the red box in the picture below)).
Important note: some crashes don't have a specific error, so identifying them is near impossible.

Let me know how it goes!

Yes, I tried to run the game without mods and the launcher, and it still crashes on all those instances I described above. And no, the game doesn't give me any error screen. The game simply just closes without telling me what even happened.

In regards to the dmp file, I use the tool you described above to read their contents actually. I'll send a screenshot of the latest crash, which happened when I tried to start Mission 2 in Level 2

And hey, thanks a lot for your help.
Unfortunately, the "non-specific" error is the one you're getting, which is pddiRect::operator. If I'm not mistaken, it's a failure of the engine which can be caused by multiple things.
I recommend you try a fresh reinstall of the game & see if the same happens.
May I ask if your game is a crack or a legitimate copy? Most of the times, there shouldn't be a difference, but some cracks are just patched differently.
It's a crack I'm afraid. I used to have it on my old computer too back in 2017 and it never gave me any problems. It's only recently when it began crashing at certain points. A friend helped me install it, but that's as much as I can say.

Also, how can I reinstall the game? And can I backup my safe files before doing so?
A friend helped me install it, but that's as much as I can say.
Also, how can I reinstall the game?
Do you still have the installer? You should be able to uninstall your current game & just install it again.

And can I backup my safe files before doing so?
Yes, you certainly can. Go in the main directory of the game & backup your save file somewhere (i.e. "Save1").
That's great. I'll try that.
And again, thank you.
You're welcome!