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I Need Help Finishing a Custom SHAR Map For My Mod Oscar-Mod-Pack

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I have an unfinished map. Clifforus, who decided to quit the project. (because he was too busy) Made most of the progress of the custom map. Which is great!
I just need to find someone to finish it that's all!

I have the .blend file of the unfinished map with packed textures.

The .blend file is what's finished so far. I think one plot of land is missing.

All that's left to do is suburbs, downtown, and cyberpunk downtown areas.
the downtown area is about half-finished, and the plan was to have a river with bridges going across to the cyberpunk downtown area...

if there is anyone who is good at modeling maps, buildings, and other stuff,
That would be wonderful! If you are Good at modeling and willing to help out. PLEASE contact me through discord dms!

If you do a good job and did as you told, You will be credited for your efforts!
Here is a quick look at the map so far! DM me for more details!