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Removing characters and cars?

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I know removing them from the original game is easy, you just delete the respective files in the "chars" / "cars" folder then remove them from all the script files

But the original game files shouldn't never be altered so how do you remove a character / car inside the mod launcher?

What's confusing is when you're removing a character's dialog, you can edit the Launcher's copy of the dialog.spt file and remove it. But as for the actual character / car files in their physical form, there's nothing to delete even though that's what I want to do
The launcher doesn't provide ways to outright delete assets like that - if you want to remove a vehicle, for instance, then remove the things that spawn the vehicle or otherwise allow it to be made available (such as level Pure3D spawn locators for free vehicles like the Speed Rocket, or "\scripts\missions\rewards.mfk" for Phone Booth-aquirable vehicles).

There are the "OccludedPath" and "SuppressedPath" CustomFiles.ini Miscellaneous section parameters, which allow telling the game files don't exist or are inaccessible, but using this will crash in most cases and throw "file not found" errors. The only exceptions I'm aware of are the movie files (which skip if non-existent) and maybe save files.
That worked, thanks!