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No Wasp Cameras

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Wasp Cameras cannot spawn, which is good if you really hate them. Compatible with any other mods, as long as they don't feature a Custom Trigger Actions "Trigger" section with a "Name" valued as "DynamicallyCreatedWaspCameraSpawners" (this event is unlikely).

Requires at least version 1.20 of the mod launcher. Is compatible with the Demo game release. Is decompilable.


1.0 (1st July 2023)
  • Initial release.


You took my precious wasps, Addy!
note: if you remove the wasp camreas, u wont be able to try the glitch where the driver gets stung and have a invisible driver
and lose the ablity to finish the level
The quoted post is unavailable.

Big sad.
good these things scared the hell out of me as a kid